Important Notice: Certain direct shareholders of our Funds were mailed a letter in June requesting them to establish contact with us to avoid their assets being turned over to their State as abandoned property due to "inactivity". For more information or if you have not responded please contact shareholders services no later than August 20th.

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Prices as of 08/19/14

NAV Change ($/%)
Equity Funds
Premier Growth 35.41 0.15 / 0.43%
Value Line Fund 14.00 0.07 / 0.50%
Larger Companies 27.76 0.18 / 0.65%
Small Cap Opportunities 47.87 0.14 / 0.29%
Hybrid Funds
Asset Allocation 27.84 0.07 / 0.25%
Income and Growth 10.43 0.05 / 0.48%
Fixed Income Funds
Core Bond 4.98 0.00 / 0.00%
Tax Exempt 10.06 0.00 / 0.00%
  NAV 7-Day  Yield
Money Market Fund
Daily Income Fund $1.00 0.01%

Our Story

In 1950, Value Line started its first mutual fund. Since then, knowledgeable investors have been relying on the Value Line Funds to help them build their financial futures.

A Message From Our Funds President

Mitch Appel discusses the Value Line family of funds.

The Value Line Funds Family

Over the years, Value Line Funds has evolved into what we are today – a diversified family of no-load mutual funds with a wide range of investment objectives, available directly to you or through your brokerage firm or financial advisor.

Our family of mutual funds is designed to help you meet your investment goals and includes a variety of equity, fixed income, or hybrid funds for your portfolio. It's never too early or too late to build a diversified investment strategy.

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